Sunday, April 12, 2009


And the hunt begins! He wasn't quite sure at first, but he caught on that there we're eggs all over the back yard quickly. Although, he didn't want to put them in the basket. He'd rather carry all of them by hand.

Hoppy Easter, You Rascally Rabbit!

Ever wanted to see the Easter Bunny in action, delivering all those goodies? Well "Pops" Pond decided to stay up the night before and catch him on video!

Since Michael was too little for chocolates for his first Easter, the Bunny made up for this time around. He got lots of candy and toys, and even did an egg hunt in the back yard. This is shaping up to be his favorite holiday.

Here he is discovering the basket.

He loved the toys and the candy!

We also hid some eggs out in the back yard for him to find. There will be a separate post those videos so I don't upload too many to a single post.