Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No Joltin' Joe

Well, maybe Michael isn't one of the more athletic DiMaggios. He didn't seem to have much interest in playing ball with his Daddy.

However, he very well could be an Olympic swimmer...if he doesn't drink the pool water.

Wiggle Worm

We're on the move! Michael finally figured out how to inch forward after a few months of pushing himself back and making large circles around the room; now he's a real crawler. I was fortunate enough to sneak a video of the actual moment he first scooted forward!

Now he's supporting himself on all fours more often and lunging back and forth. He can get pretty much anywhere now, but thankfully he doesn't realize that yet. But life is much happier for the baby boy now that he can reach things (most of which is stuff he shouldn't).