Monday, November 19, 2007

The First Two Weeks

So, the first two weeks have gone by quicker than I thought they would and I figured it's time to share some of those funny little "growing up" stories with the family before they get lost in my head. I gotta warn you though, there will be plenty of icky poop tales and accounts of "where'd that pee come from?" I promise to make it tasteful, but let's be's poop. It's gross and it's EVERYWHERE when you're raising an infant. And I do mean everywhere...

A couple of days ago Dom went into the nursery to change Michael's diaper and all of a sudden I hear a barrage of "Oh my God"'s, "How did you DO that?!"'s, and "You've got to see this!" For as much as I wasn't sure I wanted to see this...I wasn't sure that I wanted to miss it either. Funny how you don't want to miss anything your baby does, even when it's a fecal explosion. And it was! It was everywhere and we had to take him into the bathtub to wash him off because there weren't enough wipies in the state of South Carolina for that mess. How could someone so little create such a mess?

But it's not all about the ever dwindling pile of diapers. There have been cuter moments too. We're getting to know our son as a person, figuring out his behaviors. I now know that when he's hungry he'll chew on his hand for a few seconds, and if you put in a pacifier it'll only last a second or two before he spits it out. The only thing that will satisfy him long enough to get a bottle ready a good ole finger....or Dom's nose. It's true. I even have it on video. Dom was holding Michael up to his face giving him kisses to calm him down and the nose went straight into the boy's mouth and he began nursing.

I just didn't realize that such silly things would become so important and entertaining. Now we're getting ready for a first Thanksgiving! Elizabeth is coming and we're having the Steadman family over again like every year. Except this year Meredith just delivered her son, Thian, so Eddie's mom will be here along with her 17 month old, Rienna. So babies, babies, galore! Happy Turkey Day to you all and check in next week for the holiday update!