Saturday, January 19, 2008


Michael loves his puppy dog, Vega. And she enjoys a good scratch behind the ears too, so they make an excellent pair!

It seems that his left hand is the favorable one when it comes to actions like this and grabbing items. And it also makes for a tasty treat; when he decides he wants to chew on something he almost always goes for it. Perhaps we'll have an artist?

Monday, January 14, 2008

Talk, talk, talk...

Michael has making more Ooohs and Ahhs of late. He's even throwing in a few different pitches in the last couple of days. I finall got a video of him recently rediscovered his bouncy seat. He enjoyed it and would like to tell you all about it.

Also, he had his two month checkup on January 3rd--complete with shots! He handled it like a champ. Didn't even notice the needle stick. The vaccine must have stung a bit though, because he started crying after they started injecting the solution. But by the time we got to the lobby to get our prescription for Baby Tylenol he was laughing and playing with his Daddy.

He is now 12 lbs 13 oz and in the 90th percentile in size for his age group. He's right on track in terms of developing. He's grabbing things and so incredibly interactive. He doesn't just follow people in a room. He talks to them. One of his favorite things to do now is laugh when other people laugh. He's kinda like the guy at the party that doesn't get the joke but laughs anyway to try and fit in.