Monday, October 20, 2008

Tricks and Treats

I know it's not Halloween just yet, but I've got both tricks and treats for you! Michael's been learning some new tricks, and Vega too.
He can turn on the light saber all by himself...
And he feeds himself... and he shares with his best friend!n
Now here's your treat! These are older videos that never got uploaded. In this first one, he had thought that my "sinister" laugh was funny, but as soon as we tried to get it on camera he changed his mind.

Next, here's Michael watching Daddy mow the lawn.

Finally, here's Michael's first wagon ride. (He enjoyed it more than the video lets on.)

Mr. Popularity

We've only lived in Louisiana for a couple of months, and Michael's already making friends! Lexia (about a month and a half younger than Michael) is the daughter of one of my friends from College of Charleston. Their family moved here about a year ago, so we thought it was about time those two met!

Then we met some other stay-at-home moms and their kids at the park. Here's a picture of him playing at the zoo with Faith (2 1/2)and Christian (18 months).

And then there are his good ole friends...his toys! He got really excited about his new toybox...
And he loves to read, too!